Bold As Lions is a pop/rock band from Canada fronted by husband and wife duo Sean + Karli Quigley. The two have a passion for telling their stories through music. Both self proclaimed activists, they have worked closely amongst countless charities this year giving their time to better others through their art. This is what birthed their latest headlining touring concert series: The #HungerFree tour. They have spent the better part of this year playing shows in support of World Vision Canada with a goal of turning young people’s hearts towards a passion for social justice. These two are constantly creating music that will impact someones life for the better, leaving them with more than just a catchy song, leaving them with a message of hope. Bold As Lions has made their mark this year playing for over 30,000 people in the past few months alone. Their youtube channel views totalling over 3 Million, this is a band you’re going to want to keep your eyes on. Recently they have joined forces with the Robb Nash Project, joining their team of spreading awareness about mental health to students across the country. They just released a new single “What You Said” and are working on their second in studio album and booking the second leg of their #HungerFree tour.


BOLD AS LIONS - The Hope Movement

Debut album 'The Hope Movement' captures the magic that started it all. The album features guitar driven pop/rock songs with a captivating message that tells a story from start to finish. Together S+K have written melodic harmonies and hooks that will draw you in and leave you wanting more.